Now studio/business owners and teacher trainers can include high quality Yoga Alliance accredited online courses in your teacher training at wholesale pricing to fulfill your anatomy teacher training requirements.

These online courses are in high demand for:

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Wholesale products for Studio/Business Owners

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

NEW! To Comply with Yoga Alliance requirements, we now offer two excellent courses as one deeply discounted package: Anatomy Fundamentals – 101 and Advanced Anatomy & Therapeutic Essentials – 301. 24 total hours.

Anatomy Fundamentals – 101 (15 hours) skillfully covers anatomy and biomechanics specifically for yoga postures. Martin’s teaching style makes complex material understandable to students new to anatomy as well as engaging the seasoned pro.

Advanced Anatomy & Therapeutic Essentials – 301 (9 hours) provides an in-depth understanding of injury conditions to help the aspiring yoga teacher to help keep their students safe in the classroom.

Advanced Anatomy & Therapeutic Essentials – 301 incorporates the knowledge from Anatomy Fundamentals – 101 with detailed anatomical exploration of the wrists and hands, ankles and feet, and the knees. We also explore the intrinsic muscles and tendon sheaths of the hands, the intrinsic muscles and ligaments of the feet such as the plantar fascia, and the highly refined structures that govern the knee.

The wholesale tuition for these 2 extraordinary courses is $100. ($65 savings!)

Advantages of our courses for Yoga Teacher Trainings:

  1. Very affordable at the wholesale price
  2. Students can watch it anytime on their own schedule
  3. Saves Trainers teaching & studio time
  4. Most students need repetition for the complexity of anatomy. The on-line course may be viewed unlimited times at your convenience!
  5. We have additional tools for both the students and teachers – a written summary of the on-line course, an optional quiz and a quiz answer key
  6. Between the Anatomy Fundamentals – 101 (actual time 15+ hours) plus summary & quiz – counts toward 24 Yoga Alliance credit hours. (fulfills 10 Anatomy requirements plus 10 Elective requirements)
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What your students receive:

What the Teacher Trainer receives:

Yoga Alliance accredited

fulfills 24 credit hours

300/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Continuing Education

Kirk Yoga offers three additional courses to support the demand for yoga anatomy and therapeutics in 300- and 500-hour teacher trainings. Already a growing number of yoga teacher trainers are including these extraordinary teaching tools in their trainings to fulfill the educational hunger and enrich/deepen the skill level of their students.

As the teacher trainer, you will receive the on-line course at no charge. Yoga Alliance accredited – these courses fulfill Yoga Alliance non-contact hour requirements.

Take advantage of the on-line courses for Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education or to sell through your own website, apply below:

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