Therapeutic Essentials - 201

This course builds upon the knowledge presented in the Anatomy 101 series to illustrate fundamental therapeutic principles of the body. In these extraordinary sessions, Martin works with students with actual injuries to demonstrate how to apply these principles and empower students to overcome their injuries. The course is structured to cover the five main body regions – the spine, the pelvis, the shoulders, arms/elbows/wrists/hands, legs/knees/ankles/feet. For each body section, two 90-minute videos are dedicated to specific injuries with a first video showing direct work with injured students and a second video review deconstructing the WHY and HOW of the work with each client.

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Martin Kirk

MSBME/Biomedical Engineer, E-RYT500

15-hour training, Ten 90-minute sessions

Yoga Alliance Accredited. Fulfills 75% of the 3-year non-contact continuing education requirement for teachers.

Recommended pre-requisite: Anatomy 101

Course Logistics

Ten 90-minute recorded sessions are yours to watch at the time and pace that works for you and on the viewing platform of your choice. Upon registration, you will receive an email with your course instructions and password.

  • Each session is recorded and archived – available to watch anytime
  • All sessions are accessible by computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Sessions consist of
    • Recorded video of live therapeutic sessions with injured students
    • Detailed video review of each injury and the therapeutic principles applied
    • Examples and explanations of how to do client intake and injury assessment
    • Instruction on how to “listen” to clients with your ears, eyes, and intuition
    • Guidance on how to create a therapeutic program for your client that empowers them to find their own healing
    • A recorded question & answer section that clarifies key concepts
  • For technical assistance, contact
What You Will Learn

You will receive in-depth instruction illustrating the application of therapeutic principles for injuries in each of the five main body regions through two 90-minute sessions each as follows.

  • Session 1: Spine Direct Client Work
  • Session 2: Spine Therapeutic Principles Review
  • Session 3: Pelvis Direct Client Work
  • Session 4: Pelvis Therapeutic Principles Review
  • Session 5: Shoulder Girdle Direct Client Work
  • Session 6: Shoulder Girdle Therapeutic Principles Review
  • Session 7: Arms/Elbows/Wrists/Hands Direct Client Work
  • Session 8: Arms/Elbows/Wrists/Hands Therapeutic Principles Review
  • Session 9: Legs/Knees/Ankles/Feet Direct Client Work
  • Session 10: Legs/Knees/Ankles/Feet Therapeutic Principles Review
Student and Teacher Reviews

“Martin's Therapeutics Training is fantastic! He is exceptionally skilled at deciding what is most important and as a result his teaching is focused, succinct, and clear. He has a wealth of knowledge and practical examples of how the body functions, as well as how to apply principles of yoga alignment to help clients move out of pain, improve posture, and learn techniques to stabilize their body in healthy patterns." – Betsey Downing, Ph.D., E-RYT500 – Certified Yoga Instructor

“Thank you so much for sharing all your expertise and giving me even more information to help others.  I have already applied some of your techniques to my classes the other night and it was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing and helping others!” – Kat, Vancouver, BC

“I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. The pain got worse and worse. Martin worked with me and corrected some things I was doing. That night and the next day I had no pain at all. After so much time dealing with chronic pain, to have a pain-free day was fabulous!  I am so grateful.”  - Tami, Scottsdale, AZ

“You are so open hearted and funny. You made a subject that could have been a real snooze enjoyable!” – Jodie, New York City

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me heal my foot pain. Your brilliant idea about putting something to lift the covers has aided in the healing process. It feels so good to step out of bed and walk with no pain.   Thank you – Marsha Nieland E-RYT Certified Yoga Teacher, Cedar Rapids, IA

“Thank you so very much for sharing your talent with yoga therapeutic principles. I left with more range of motion in my right shoulder, and I left with the specific lifts, stretches and mental visuals and attitude to maintain and expand my range of motion. More importantly I left with renewed hope that I CAN regain a range of motion I have not experienced in more than a year since my surgery, and more than three years without pain.” – Maria-Lynn Johnson Calgary, Canada


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