Anatomy Fundamentals - 101

Experience a playful, yet professional full-spectrum tour of the human body from a yoga-based perspective. Explore in detail each of five main body regions – the spine, the pelvis, the shoulders, arms/elbows/wrists/hands, legs/knees/ankles/feet. Each body section is presented in two 90-minute sessions that include beautiful full-color anatomical images in custom 3D renderings interspersed with dynamic moving images of muscles in motion and custom video clips of Martin showing a demos of important concepts with the skeleton. Learn not only HOW the human body works but also WHY the methods and actions of a skillful yoga practice are important.

Course Preview

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Martin Kirk

MSBME/Biomedical Engineer, E-RYT500

15-hour training, Ten 90-minute sessions
Yoga Alliance Accredited. Fulfills 75% of the 3-year non-contact continuing education requirement for teachers

Course Logistics

Ten 90-minute recorded sessions are yours to watch at the time and pace that works for you and on the viewing platform of your choice. Upon registration, you will receive an email with your course instructions and password.

  • Each session is recorded and archived – available to watch anytime
  • All sessions are accessible by computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Sessions consist of
    • In-depth lectures with printable handouts
    • Full-color anatomical images in custom 3D renderings
    • Dynamic muscle-movement video clips
    • Breakout videos that clearly illustrate the concepts presented
    • A recorded question & answer section that clarifies key concepts
  • For technical assistance, contact
What You Will Learn

You will receive in-depth instruction into the anatomy and kinesiology of each of the five main body regions through two 90-minute sessions each as follows.

  • Sessions 1 & 2: The Spine
  • Sessions 3 & 4: The Pelvis
  • Sessions 5 & 6: The Shoulder Girdle
  • Sessions 7 & 8: The Arms/Elbows/Wrists/Hands
  • Sessions 9 & 10: The Legs/Knees/Ankles/Feet
Student and Teacher Reviews

“Martin's Anatomy Training is fantastic! He is exceptionally skilled at deciding what is most important and as a result his teaching is focused, succinct, and clear. He has a wealth of knowledge and practical examples of how the body functions, as well as how to apply principles of yoga alignment to help clients move out of pain, improve posture, and learn techniques to stabilize their body in healthy patterns." – Betsey Downing, Ph.D., E-RYT500 – Certified Yoga Instructor

“Your knowledge, passion & integrity were inspiring. I have studied anatomy before but this time I came away a real understanding of how our bodies work & how to use my muscles to bring ease & grace into my practice, my teaching & my life." – Rachel – Dublin, Ireland

“I've had the opportunity to learn from Martin in "real life" - his video series has been extremely helpful for myself and my students in training. He uses real life situations and conversations that help show what we can do as teachers to help.” – Julia McCabe Yoga, Whistler, BC, Canada

“Thank you so much! It was really great. I would never have imagined Anatomy could be so much fun. –  Sarah, Berlin

“I'm so glad to see Martin answer questions like these! Thanks so much for your continuous efforts, best courses I've taken by far!!"– Sylvie – Canada

“I LOVE watching your recorded seminars. I get so much out of them and enjoy pausing before your conclusions to see if I can come up with what you will recommend. Your showing us the strap attached to your desk for the heel therapy cracked me up! Just watching your face as you self professed to your geekiness was priceless! I can so relate. – Diane Lankenau

Your way of teaching is so clear and joyful.   I have integrated the alignment principles into my teaching and many of your words as well and my students have benefited immensely.  – Michelle, Athens Greece

"Wow, great presentation and lots of really good information to digest." – Pamela – Knoxville, TN


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